The Ophelia Cut – John Lescroart

Ophelia cutNetgalley sent me a free download of the Ophelia Cut by John Lescroart, another title in the series with one of the most famous crime novel characters Dismas Hary.

In the Ophelia Cut Hardy is defending Mose, his brother in law, who is accused of committing a murder. Mose is supposed to have killed the rapist of his daughter. At the same time there is a growing concern that Mose will become talkative about a police cover-up they’re both involved in.

I really enjoyed reading the Ophelia Cut. It’s is well written. The core characters, Dismaz, Mose and Glitsky are sympathetic, very human and fully formed. It’s not just a whodunit. Lescroart really does a great job of keeping the reader in suspense about Moses’ guilt or innocence. Even in the end you can’t really be sure if Mose is the actual killer or not.

It is a good overall read, especially if you enjoy reading legal thrillers. Only the courtroom part could have had more pace, it’s a bit long-winded.

This is not my first read of a title by John Lescroart, nor my first read about character Dismas Hardy and definitely will not be my last.

Here you can find the website of John Lescroart.