Vanished – Liza Marklund

I received Vanished as a preread copy from TransWorld Book Group. It’s my first novel by Liza Marklund. Because I enjoy reading Scandinavian thriller writers a lot I had high expectations.

Liza Marklund has written several thrillers with Annika Bengtzon as leading character. Annika is a copy editor at a Stockholm newspaper. She is approached by Rebecka Björstig who claims her Paradise Foundation can help women make a new life. The foundation takes care of erasing peoples history completely.
When Aida, a woman who’s life seems to be in danger, needs her help, Annika decides to give her Rebecka’s phonenumber. When two man are murdered in the harbor and Aida says she knows what happened, Annika starts her own investigation.

What I like in the Annika Bengtzon novels is that it’s not only about crimes. There is a lot going on in this book. Annika’s own life and wellbeing, the murders in the harbor, the Paradise Foundation, internal politics in the newspaper where she works and some social issues. Marklund succeeds in tying all those separate storylines  neatly together.

I rather enjoyed reading Vanished. It’s a fast paced crime novel, very well written and thrilling. If only Annika could be a less troubled person. I really like her a lot and I think she has had her fair share of troubles and deserves some happiness. Well, maybe the next novel because now that I have discovered Liza Marklund and her books I look forward to reading more of this series.


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