A Shortage of Bodies – dr. Gary D. McKay

I received A Shortage of Bodies as an early reviewers copy from LibraryThing. It’s the first novel by Gary McKay.

The story is about dr. Dick Meyer, a 55-year old author who becomes involved in what seems to be a murder case. “seems to be”, because the strange thing is that there is no body. The only thing found is a small box with some hair and some blood that’s left in the yard of Sheriff Jerry Morgan. The victim, Maria Martinez, happens to be a personal friend of dr. Meyer and therefore he is quite eager to assist the sheriff. With the help of Ian MacLennan, a retired Scotland Yard detective, Morgan and Meyer try to find the missing body and solve the case. A case that soon becomes much more complicated when they discover that Mary Martinez is not the only missing person. And again all that’s left is a box with a blood sample and some personal effects.

I’ve got mixed feelings about this book. Gary McKay can write a mystery novel, let’s not argue about that. The Shortage of Bodies really is an enjoyable read, a gripping story and the plot lines are creative. Unfortunately at times the story looses pace because of all the sidetracks that have no connection with the story whatsoever. Most of the characters are two-dimensional, the love-story between dr Meyer and Carol  is a bit to “easy” and the end isn’t that surprising.

My final judgement: not badly written at all, a nice read, it won’t be an award winning novel, 3 stars.


6 Reacties to “A Shortage of Bodies – dr. Gary D. McKay”

  1. Leeswammes Says:

    Sounds like a fun idea! I’m not keen when a story has lots of side tracks that don’t lead to the final solution of the mystery.

  2. JannyAn Says:

    I agree, the idea is pretty good but those side tracks are just to much

  3. shelleyrae @ Book'd Out Says:

    A shame it wasn’t as enjoyable as you hoped.
    Thanks for sharing your review for The Eclectic Reader Challenge

    Shelleyrae @ Book’d Out

  4. Yvonne Says:

    Sounds like it could be good. I’m sorry you didn’t like it though.

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