The Sunday Salon – the first one in a new year

First of all, everyone a very happy new year! With lots of books and lots of blogs.

Yesterday was the day of looking back. Something I don’t like at all. The future, that’s where we’re going to. Nevertheless, I posted an overview of all the books I’ve read in 2011. It’s a list of 49 books of which I rewarded 5 with 5 stars and 29 with four. Not bad, isn’t it?

Today, the first day of 2012. I wonder what this year will bring. Will the year be as good as 2011? Best not to know in advance. Just wait and see what happens. To be sure I read a lot (as if necessary) I decided to sign up for some reading challenges.

First of all the Books-on-the-Night-Stand 12 in ’12 Reading Challenge. Very free format. You can choose as many interpretations of 12 in ’12 as you’d like.

I decided to choose:
– 12 more books than in 2011, that will be 61 books.
– the twelve books of my bookclub Hoofdletters
– 12 thrillers.

The next challenge is the 2012 Ebook Challenge, hosted by Workaday Reads. I’m reading quite some Ebooks as it is, so achieving the dvd-level (25 books) must be possible. And who knows, may be I’ll move up a level once started.

The challenge that probably will be the most difficult is the Eclectic Reader Challenge 2012, hosted by Book’d Out.

You’re supposed to read 12 books from 12 different genres during the year. That means stepping out of your comfort zone, which is always more difficult.

And finally, what sounds like a real fun challenge to me, the Cruisin’ thru the Cozies Reading Challenge, hosted by Socrates.

You don’t know what a cozy mystery is? Well, neither did I. If you want to know, check out There are three levels to choose from. I signed up for Snoop level.

What do you think? May you like to join one of them?


6 Reacties to “The Sunday Salon – the first one in a new year”

  1. laurelrainsnow Says:

    I signed up for The Eclectic Reading Challenge and the Cruisin’ with the Cozies Challenge, along with three other challenges. Looking forward to them….

    Have a good year!


  2. Gavin Says:

    Happy New Year to you! I am really intrigued by the 12 in ’12 Challenge. I may have to add that one to my 2012 challenge list. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving your comment about Agaat! I have Triomf on my TBR list.

  3. Gnoe Says:

    My options are still open… I don’t want to commit to too many challenges and there are a few I *always* do so there’s only room for a few more. But to be honest, I just can’t make up mind. LOL

    As I want to read more outside of my comfort zone in 2012 I’m thinking about the eclectic challenge. 12 books outside of my comfort zone for the 12 in 12 challenge seems a bit much… doesn’t it? That’s about 1/3 of the books I read in 2011! Sigh. Undecisive, that’s what I am.

    • JannyAn Says:

      Yesterday I decided to sign up for another challenge, the Chunkster Challenge, the plump primer level. Only 🙂 six books that have more than 450 pages. The new novel by Stephen King, about the assassination of JFK will be the first one.

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