The Concert Ticket – Olga Grushin

The Concert Ticket was my bookclubs pick for this month. I couldn’t remember if I voted for this title but my sent email box told me I did. Why? I really can’t remember. Maybe the short description I’ve been reading on or all the great reviews in several newspapers. However, it’s not my kind of book at all. The Concert Ticket reminds me of “Waiting for Godot” but with less humor.

The language is brilliant but nothing happens. Four people in a family, all waiting in line for a kiosk. Not knowing what it might sell. It turns out that the kiosk will actually sell tickets for a concert by Igor Selinsky. For very different reasons all family members desperately want to buy a concertticket. Waiting, day-after-day, week-after-week, month-after-month, a whole year. As only one ticket per person is available Anna, Sergei and Alexander start taking turns waiting in line. In the meanwhile living in the same house but not living together. A quote from Anna, one of the main characters “she knew it was only the line, scraping their days empty of meaning and warmth, taking them away from each other, making their lives so much smaller”.

I shall be honest, I quit reading because I  didn’t enjoy this novel at all.  To me it’s a depressing story. No happiness, no laughs, grey and rainy. The pace is leisurely. The beautiful descriptive style from the author simply isn’t enough. Therefore, only two stars.

If you like to read all the “wow”-reviews. Try The Guardian and The Independent. Finally Olga Grushins official website.


2 Reacties to “The Concert Ticket – Olga Grushin”

  1. laurelrainsnow Says:

    Oh, I do not like reading a disappointing book. I always feel bad about not finishing a book, but if it gives nothing of pleasure, I say: give up on it!


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