The Bone House – Brian Freeman

The cover: A year ago, accusations of an affair with a student cost Mark his teaching job and made the couple into outcasts on their island home. Now another girl has been found dead, and Mark faces a hostile town convinced of his guilt.
Hilary Bradley is determined to protect her husband, but digging into the murdered girl’s secrets proves lonely and dangerous. Her only ally is a quirky Florida detective named Cab Bolton.
Hilary and Cab are both outsiders in a place that doesn’t trust strangers, and they’re running out of time to find out what’s buried in the ashes of the past. There are people willing to kill to keep the truth hidden – and to make sure Mark pays the ultimate price for a young girl’s murder.

It was my first novel from this author. Didn’t know his name. It was just a quick grab from the table with new arrivals in the library. Never on my ‘to-be-read list’. But I really did enjoy reading it. The book is a real page turner, creepy, high tension, right from the beginning. You keep wondering what really happened, which people are involved and most of all ‘Who did it?’. And, believe me, you’ll keep wondering until you’ve read the last pages.
My judgement, four stars. I for certain will read one of his other novels, Immoral, Stripped, Stalked, The Watcher of The Burying Place.

If you want you can visit John Brian’s website at and join his mailing list. Or you can join him on Facebook at


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    […] jaar geleden las ik mijn eerste boek van Brian Freeman, The Bone House. Dat was een aangename kennismaking want ik kwalificeerde het boek als pageturner en waardeerde het […]

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